Why your back hurts?

When your back hurts everything hurts walking, sitting, lifting and sleeping.  Choosing the right mattress can go a long way to making your back happy again. It isn’t Magic but it can sure feel that way when we are advising customers at what latex layers to use inside their mattress. We’d like to understand what back pain you are experiencing and at SimplyRest.com we tend to think of back pain in two general ways. Most intense pain often comes from pressure on a nerve in the spine such as from a diagnosed disc problem or an old injury. If you have this kind of pain, you may experience sciatica when a sharp pain moves down the leg if a spinal nerve problem is the main cause we recommend you avoid the soft top layer and probably skip the latex topper as well. Everybody is individual though. So, you might enjoy a soft layer on the top but for many people with back pain a firm and medium layer work best, simplyrest.  

Taun loop

So, you might want to try in an all Taun loop mattress which gives medium and is firm. You can also change the top layer or the top two layers to medium. if this feels good to you, it might feel a little softer than Taun loop because its cell structure distributes weight. So well, it does provide excellent back support or if your back responds best to the very firmest bed. We recommend using only Taun loop Medium firm. Remember if you’d like to fine-tune the feel you can turn your layer of Taun loop upside down because the bottom side of Taun loop feels a little bit denser than the top side. Now keep in mind that three firm Taun loop players, it’s going to feel too firm to all but a tiny minority of people even those suffering from back pain support is good.  Mattresses that are just plain hard both hurt in some cases people while nerve related back pain can enjoy extra comfort by adding a Savvy Wolsey. The Savvy Wolsey is filled with spongy responsive wool fiber that provides moderate cushioning without compromising back support. It also helps prevent heat buildup. We often hear about what is caused by simple but painful muscle spasms that are not nerve or disc problems. You may experience this kind of pain after you’ve exercised too hard or after waking in the morning on a mattress. That’s no longer supporting your back well. A good way to determine this is to notice if your back pain goes away after you’ve moved around for a while and your body has warmed up a bit. And in that case, even if you’re suffering from temporary muscle spasms, you can enjoy as much softness as you like.