5 Things to know before buying Organic Mattresses

 You need to know five things before buying any organic or eco-friendly mattress here are five things you should know before going for a natural mattress or non-toxic mattress to keep it you and your environment healthy.

Always go with Natural and Organic Fabrics

Yeah, Go Natural! To avoid rough, chemically processed fabrics, search for unbleached organic cotton with organic filling and organic dyes. For cotton crops, 15-20 percent of the world’s chemicals are used for the cotton crops. To make one t-shirt, half a pound of chemicals are used. Choosing organic products makes an enormous Environmental difference and keeps you safe from any harmful chemicals that can cause serious illnesses such as cancers

Makes sure is a Certified Organic Cotton Cover according to industrial Standards

The Mattress should be fully organic from top to the bottom as defined below

1) Sustainable Top 

2) Fill Polyester

3) Backing unbleached cotton Make sure that from the top, fill, and back, it’s certified organic all the way around, and there isn’t anything inorganic or chemicals that can cause health issues

Make sure it contains organic Latex

 Natural latex foam is called rubber tree sap that has been heated up and processed. Organic Latex can be of different types that are used in the mattresses

-Engineered Latex (human-made) 

– Blends (differing % of organic and engineered content 

– Natural Latex – Certified natural Latex 

Organic Latex is better than all of them because it guarantees the quality, and its natural latex sleeping pad is likely what you’re searching for when looking for a sound bedding. Notwithstanding, a wide range of Latex can be tough (can keep going 15-20 years relying upon the quality) to give you a predictable inclination sleeping mattress for quite a long time

Avoid Fiber Filled Mattress

Batting is a delicate cushioning that spreads springs or latex froth inside the sleeping mattress. Natural Cotton or Wool is the most well-known type of batting you’ll discover while looking for a characteristic or sound sleeping mattress. These strands mollify the surface. Since normal Latex is firm and rubbery, besting the mattress is important to improve its solace. Remember to clean these fillings once every year. Most manufacturers won’t tell this. Ensure the fillings inside can be cleaned simply.

Wool as an incombustible does NOT work

Wool is a fire retardant and is organic, but wool burns. Many organic mattress manufacturers say the wool passes the fire barrier, butin reality, it burns. We tested 30 ounces of thick wool and even 40 ounces of wool, all of which failed. Beyond this amount, we did no further research because the higher density of wool isn’tcomfortable, and you need to simply rest for mattress for back pain.